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Podcast from the monthly theology series from King’s Church Loughborough UK, exploring hot topics in current evangelical theology in an easily accessible way - designed to build your faith!

    Theology - the Live Sessions (TLS)
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The End-Times - Can we be optimistic or should we worry?
Jan 22nd, 2019 by thelivesessions at 11:19 pm

The subject of the "end-times", especially the events surrounding the return of Jesus, can be a thorny subject - much debated, disagreed over and misunderstood. But our understanding of it will colour our expectations, our level of optimism about the future and our confidence in what the church can become and achieve as a transforming force in the world.

In this episode of TLS, Paul tackles many aspects of this huge subject, seeking to apply good principles of Bible interpretation, and asks the question - should we be worried about the future, or can we look forward to what is coming?

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