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Podcast from the monthly theology series from King’s Church Loughborough UK, exploring hot topics in current evangelical theology in an easily accessible way - designed to build your faith!

    Theology - the Live Sessions (TLS)
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Justification and Righteousness - What are they?
Mar 24th, 2018 by thelivesessions at 9:33 pm

In this episode, Paul Callan takes a look at what the terms "justification" and "righteousness" really mean in the Bible. We are encouraged to look at what Paul the apostle was really talking about, not just what the 16th century reformers thought he said. As a result, we have a much larger and more exciting vision of being "justified" - one that places us at the centre of a covenant people fulfilling God's plan for the world, not just as individuals with their sins cancelled - although that is also true! If you have wondered what the "New Perspective on Paul" is about, find out here!

NB. Written notes for this and all other TLS episodes are available as PDF files at

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