Theology - the Live Sessions (TLS)

Podcast from the monthly theology series from King’s Church Loughborough UK, exploring hot topics in current evangelical theology in an easily accessible way - designed to build your faith!

    Theology - the Live Sessions (TLS)
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Creation or Evolution: Or both? What are the issues?
Sep 20th, 2018 by thelivesessions at 8:26 pm

TLS gets restarted after the Summer break with a fascinating look at the creation of the world - a subject that often raises passions and can divide people sharply. Is there a way to cut through this? In this session, Paul takes a look at Genesis Chapter 1 through the eyes of its original readers. Why was it written and what did THEY think it meant? As with all good hermeneutics, only then can we understand how to read it today. When we do, we discover the richness and the beauty of God in his creative love and grace towards humanity!

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