Theology - the Live Sessions (TLS)

Podcast from the monthly theology series from King’s Church Loughborough UK, exploring hot topics in current evangelical theology in an easily accessible way - designed to build your faith!

    Theology - the Live Sessions (TLS)
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Atonement - What really happened at the cross?
Feb 20th, 2018 by thelivesessions at 8:19 pm

In recent years, the subject of the atonement has sparked major debate. Some of the traditional ways of looking at the cross have come under scrutiny and attack, even from within the evangelical world.  How can we respond to this, taking seriously the latest thinking but without throwing away vital truths and undermining precious aspects of our (and other people's) faith? This episode of TLS takes a look at the various historical "theories" of the atonement and proposes a way forward based on sound biblical principles.

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